Marcus Leslie, Pastor of Devine Works Ministries 

"They were able to take what was on paper and what was in my heart and bring it to life on screen." 


Ray Media Creative is powered by its human-centric storytelling tool that uncovers the problems, needs and desires of your audience.

Brand films

Ray Media offers full video production services. We take care of all the moving parts to ensure your production stays on schedule, and most importantly, on budget.


We ensure that your audience is completely immersed in your brand's story through web design, graphic design and social media. 

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We work closely with your brand to uncover the problems, needs and desires of  your audience, while also helping you tell the most effective and engaging story that connects your mission with your audiences’ deepest desires.


Through stories we help brands engage audiences, create positive brand recognition, expand global and community impact, and generate proven results.

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