We Know What It Takes

To Tell Memorable Stories


Exclusive Services

We partner with your brand to remove obstacles that make it difficult to connect your story with your audience. Whether it's a brand film, social media marketing campaign, a website or a flyer design, we work to create a consistent, impactful and memorable experience for your audience. 



Ray Media Creative is powered by its human-centric storytelling tool that uncovers the problems, needs and desires of your audience. During our branding sessions, we look at your entire brand to discover the most effective and engaging stories that connect your mission with your audiences’ deepest desires. This allows us to create a transformational, tailor-made visual experience for your audience. 


Video Production 

Ray Media offers full video production services. We take care of all the moving parts to ensure your production stays on schedule, and most importantly, on budget. From creative concept all the way through distribution, we make sure to treat your brand as if it was our own. 



We help your brand stand out by creating quality stories that resonate with your audience and drive engagement across all media. We develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure that your audience is immersed in your brand's story through video, web design, graphic design and social media.